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"Where Do We Go From Here" - Planning a Later Life Move

Do we stay or do we go? That is one of the most common questions asked as people approach or are in retirement.

Michael Wright the program designer and presenter tell us that before you can answer the question where do we go from here, you have to answer the question "Why Do You Want to Go."

The video outlines a step by step process on how to develop a effective real estate plan.

Helping senior clients understand their supportive housing options

"It is not about aging in place it's about aging in the right place"

Housing Transitions As We Age

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when thinking about your housing future?

  • Should we buy a smaller home?

  • Move closer to the kids/grandkids?

  • Sell and rent to create more income?

  • Modify our house for accessibility?

  • Move into a retirement community?

  • How can we help our aging parents

  • What do we do with all our stuff?

Many of us become fearful of making a wrong housing choice and become stuck in our own thoughts. That is why we created the Housing Transition and Lifestyle Consulting program

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